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Burn It Up lyrics


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     Burn It Up
    >> Offspring
        I think I'm burning up inside
    I think I'll take a little ride
    I'm gonna light up everything in sight
    I'll drive on by your yard
    And throw a Molotov cocktail at your car
    Then another in the local bar
    They call it an obsession but I think it's kinda bitchen'
    I think it's kinda neat
    Yeah, I'm a pyro
    I wanna burn it up
    Yeah, I'm a pyro
    Tonight this 'hood will be a pyre
    I'm gonna set your house on fire
    I'll dance around the pretty flames
    Such a wonderful game
    I want to make a tiki torch
    I'm gonna throw it on your porch
    Then I'm gonna run away
    And come back another day
    So many houses, so little time
    So many reasons, I'm not a crime
    I'd like to set you up
    I'd like to set you up
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